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Get Your OST Files Recovered using Scan OST Tool

In general, OST files which are locally stored on the clients system primarily contains all the information of user mailboxes such as emails, contacts, calendars, sent items, notes, etc. In fact, considering Exchange OST files as backup copies won’t be wrong at all. But we all face different sort of uncertainties, at times situation do […]

How to import an OST file into MS Outlook?

Import OST file into Outlook OST file or Offline storage table enables exchange user to use their mailboxes in offline mode. It synchronizes with MS Exchange Server after internet link is re-established on the server. However, OST synchronization with Exchange Server fails due to the following reasons:

How to fix “Unable to expand folder” error of Offline Storage Table”

Mailbox created with MS Outlook holds emails and attachments in different folders. Moreover, email folders of an Outlook user mailbox are stored in several PST files in the system disk. In an IT company, each employee as outlook user is connected with MS Exchange Server. There can be only one outlook mailbox on single desktop […]


How to solve multifarious Outlook OST files errors efficiently

OST or Offline Storage Table files allow users to work offline as well. Users can access their mailbox, check accounts, write or send emails simultaneously. OST files make exact replica of the actual mailbox account in the Exchange Server.

What is the use of Scanost.exe or Integrity Check tool in MS Outlook

As long as people are communicating with each other, the need of email client would never go out. Every organization be it small or large has some or the other email client to share information and to contact with each other. If we compare and analyze, then we see that maximum offices use MS Outlook […]

Resolve OST corruption problems with scanost.exe

Offline Storage Table (OST) format of MS Outlook are special kinds of files which allows a user to work even in the offline mode. This means, if there is no network connection between Exchange server and MS Outlook then still a user can work with MS Outlook. Once the network is reestablished then these files […]

Use Scanost Utility and Fix OST File Corruption

For all those who works on MS Outlook must be very well aware of OST files. It is these OST files that prove very handy when one has to work in an offline mode. Now, when we say Offline Mode, then it clearly refers to the situation when users are not able to work due […]