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Get Your OST Files Recovered using Scan OST Tool

In general, OST files which are locally stored on the clients system primarily contains all the information of user mailboxes such as emails, contacts, calendars, sent items, notes, etc. In fact, considering Exchange OST files as backup copies won’t be wrong at all. But we all face different sort of uncertainties, at times situation do arise where disaster hits the Exchange Server and simultaneously all user data gets deleted.

Just to make you understand, let us consider a situation where you are trying to copy your Exchange mailbox record offline files, but you are not aware of the fact that your Outlook program application is still running. This indicates that you are trying to copy offline without closing down the Outlook application, which ultimately resulted in OST file corruption.

In such conditions, these backup copies play role of medicine for users, but the real issue is that you may just not be able to access these files as it is not properly connected with the Server. In such situation, the prime question is how to resolve the issue.

Well, you can decide on to tackle the entire situation is taking help of the proper OST file backup so that you could restore valuable data. But, once again the key question is what to do when a valid OST file backup is just not available. Fortunately, to overcome from such circumstances Microsoft provides a most suitable solution in form of scanost.exe.

Here are the steps that you need to opt to operate scanost.exe application.

  • Double-click Scanost.exe
  • Select the profile that contains the .ost file that you want to check.
  • Select the appropriate option.

Now, in order to resolve the entire issue automatically that you found during the scan process, you just got to select the Repair Errors check box. If this check box is not selected, a log report will be generated containing every single error in unresolved state.

Click Begin Scan.

The scan log will be noted in a message with the Subject “OST Integrity Check.” in the Deleted Items folder.

Just by checking the Repair Errors, all the errors will get resolved, and on successful completion of the scan process “OST repaired successfully” message will be prompted. But with the help of this in-built scanost.exe utility you may able to repair only the slightly damaged OST files. There is also a possibility that even after successful message, you are still facing problem in accessing OST file. Convert OST to PST tool does not give any assurance of restoring the OST file in all the instances. To get rid of such circumstances, it is important that you take help of third party scanost tool which are significantly fast and provide guaranteed OST recovery. Third party scanost tool can simultaneously resolve the OST integrity issue and repair the orphan OST file. By using such application, one can restore orphan OST file and convert it to working PST, EML, DBX or MSG format that could be further accessed in MS Outlook or Outlook Express. The software is also integrated with self explanatory GUI that further makes it easy to operate software.