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Use Scanost Utility and Fix OST File Corruption

For all those who works on MS Outlook must be very well aware of OST files. It is these OST files that prove very handy when one has to work in an offline mode. Now, when we say Offline Mode, then it clearly refers to the situation when users are not able to work due to un availability of network connection. Working in an organization, there are circumstances when exchange server is down. With option like ost files, users can easily write emails, add or delete a contact and do lots more in the offline mode. However, the important aspect that one needs to keep in mind is that there are situations when ost file too gets corrupted or damaged. As a result, the integrity of data gets hampered and further you may find more difficult to access any data present in them. In fact, whenever such condition arises MS Outlook finds very hard to establish connection with it due to which Outlook user becomes unable to use MS Outlook.

There could be different reasons for OST file corruption. Perhaps, the reasons for OST file corruption could easily vary from registry corruption, improperly using Outlook, etc. Now, you must be thinking of how to deal with such unfavorable situation and resolve the issue. Well, you don’t have to worry because a lot can be done to resolve the issue. The first and most effective option that you can opt to resolve the issue is take help of the last, valid, and proper OST file backup to restore valuable and precious data. Nevertheless, there are conditions when a valid OST file backup is just not available. To deal with such situation, Microsoft provides a tool named scanost.exe. But with the help of this in-built scanost.exe utility you may able to repair only the slightly damaged OST files. So, the question is what to do when the level of corruption is too high. In such condition, it is very important that you make use of professional and proficient third party OST to PST converter software.

Nowadays there are numerous scanost tools available over internet. Consequently, it is important for you to make a selection of an appropriate tool like OST to PST converter software. Using this tool, you can scan OST file, which is orphan and convert it into .pst format so that it can be accessed with MS Outlook. The most stunning aspect about this tool is it fast and impeccable scanning of OST file. Apart from that the software maintains the original structure, formatting and properties of emails enclosed in the file.